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By Sabrina O'Malone / Tyndale House

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Conversation with Sabrina O'Malone

Revitalizing the Working Mom™

Sabrina O'MaloneQ: Why did you write Prayers for the Working Mom?

Because there are more than 36 million working moms in America struggling to give 100% on the job AND 100% to their families. No amount of positive thinking, no fancy tricks of the trade or leadership technique can change the fact that it’s not possible to give 200% indefinitely. It would seem that something has got to give: the kids or work performance. But things aren’t always what they seem…There are working mothers who do it successfully—and they have one thing in common; they ask God for miracles in prayer.

Q: What is the book about?

It’s about how to be a great mother and a great employee at the same time. There are no one-size-fits-all prescriptions, but instead, help for working moms to meet their specific challenges through prayer, inspirational stories, self-examination, and the application of Biblical principles. This is not a book about preaching religion, nor is it a debate about whether is right or wrong for mothers to work outside the home. This book is about helping mothers in the workforce make the right choices in the midst of challenging circumstances.

Q: How does the book help the reader solve their work/life problems?

The ever-present quandary is this: embrace bottom-line success in the workplace and turn from the family or accept the unwritten rules of “good” motherhood and suffer whatever negative business consequences come. It fairly begs the question “Can I be a great employee and a great mother?”

Being a great employee and a great mother are not opposites. Yes, it’s possible to be great at both; many women are. But it cannot be accomplished alone. Two kinds of help are needed—practical and spiritual.

This book demonstrates that working mothers don’t need to choose between success at work and success as a mother. In fact, the book shows that a habitual time spent in prayer enhances ability as a worker, mother and individual…while being good for the soul and benefiting the company at the same time.

Q: Your book openly shares Biblical principles as the source for success. How do you address the diversity of other faiths or even atheists?

My book is not about preaching religion or telling people what to do. It is a resource to help working moms, regardless of their faith. I wrote the book with the recognition that every individual has her own mind and can think for herself. We all have this inherent ability. I believe that Biblical principles are a great foundation for making wise choices in any situation.

Q: Tell us why you are so passionate about this topic.

Because there comes a time when every working mom is tested beyond her perceived limit—when no one can provide the answer to a challenge or dilemma that is deep inside. When every solution has a significant downside and no correct answer exists, where else is there to turn but to God?

Most of us live in two separate worlds: a personal, private and spiritual world and a public, demanding, competitive world. These two worlds clash in their values, beliefs, and principles. Working moms are frequently caught in the middle. It’s “work first” versus “kids first” and “Success is making money” versus “Success is spending time.”

The bottom-line is that you need a miracle to give 100% on the job and 100% to your family at the same time. And there’s only one place to go when you really need a miracle. God. Fortunately, he’s got a supernatural touch, available to anyone who’s willing to receive it…including working mothers.

Q: How do you share your faith in a business setting?

In a business setting, I’m not hired to share my faith; I’m hired to solve a problem. I do, however bring my whole self to a project, fully utilizing my God-given talents and abilities to be the best I can be.

Q: How is your book different from other books for working moms?

It’s not a laborious textbook manual.

This is not a defense of why it’s okay to be a working mom.
Nor does this book chronicle the “woes” of being a working mom.
Lastly, it does not feature “Superwomen” we can’t even hope to emulate.

It is a practical, hands-on book to inspire readers. A workbook is woven throughout the chapters so that readers are engaged in creating a resource that speaks directly to their particular lives and situations. It’s my hope and prayer that reading Prayers for the Working Mom will revitalize working moms.


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