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By Sabrina O'Malone / Tyndale House

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A Conversation with Joanna Scarboro

Registered Corporate Coach
Contact Info

Tell us a little about yourself.

Joanna ScarboroMy name is Joanna Scarboro and I am a Registered Corporate Coach through the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches. I have been working since I was in high school and have loved learning and meeting new people throughout my work life. My background is business with an emphasis in sales, management and coaching. A few years ago, I knew I was ready to start a family, so I decided to create a career that supports my desire for real work-life balance. Coaching was the perfect fit. I am able to help working moms better deal with the stress in their lives and begin to really live a life of happiness. As the Working Mom’s Coach, I am thrilled with the opportunity and challenge to help women see that life does not have to be so difficult. They can design a life that better fits their needs.

How is life coaching different from a mentoring friendship?

Coaching and mentoring do have common elements, but are different in some important ways. Let’s start with how they are the same. Coaches and mentors both want the best for you and you should have both relationships in your life, if you desire growth and learning. Coaching and mentoring are different in several important ways. In the mentoring relationship, the mentor is seen as the expert and the leader. In the coaching relationship, you are the expert and there is no leader – instead it is a truly collaborative relationship. You, as the client, are the expert of your life and the coach provides you support tools and strategies to get you further than you would get alone. The mentor attempts to provide you with a path to success, based on their own successes and failures. The coach helps you uncover your own path to success, based on what you value.

Could you give us three essential elements working moms should know?

  1. Women who try to do it all will burnout. Divorce rates are at an all time high. By working with a coach, women can learn strategies that help them in focusing on what is really important to them and leaving the rest of the clutter behind.

  2. Guilt (or your conscience) can be an important teacher. If you are constantly struggling with feelings of guilt, you need to think about making some changes in your life. Decisions do not have to be “black or white” or “this or that.” I often hear clients describe their situations as difficult because their options are so limited. YOUR OPTIONS ARE LIMITLESS. There are so many win-win situations for you, if you are willing to look. By making changes that support your values, you will be a better person. Clients will say, “But I have to work.” My response will be, “Do you have to work at that job that requires a 45 minute commute each way? Do you have to work full-time if we could discover ways to reduce expenses in your life? Who said you had to work or could it be that you actually want to work and enjoy your job?

  3. Outsource, outsource, outsource. If there are things in your life that you really do not enjoy doing, then get others to do them for you. Women get into the idea they are so needed by everybody. We love to feel needed, but there needs to be a balance. If you try to do it all, you end up exhausted and resentful. Focus on outsourcing one thing at a time. A great example is cleaning your house - most of us do not enjoy this task. If you decide this is your #1, least favorite thing to do, then look for ways to save money in other areas of your life to pay for this service. You will find if you eat lunch out one less time each week, buy fast food for dinner one less time a month and be more careful about buying a new item on sale, you will find the money. If you focus on what you want, you will get it.

Is there a question people should ask, that no one gets around to?

How will you work for me?

Coaching is still such a new concept; many people do not understand they need to utilize the coaching relationship as a tool to get them where they want to go. People are used to professional relationships like working with a CPA, a doctor or an attorney. They expect the professional to information dump and help provide the answers to all of their issues. The coaching relationship is very different. The client sets the stage. You tell the coach what you want to accomplish and the coach uses their skills and training to help support you along the way.

Tell us about your spiritual perspective.

Learning about God has been such an interesting process for me. As a child, going to Sunday school, you are taught songs like “Jesus Loves Me” and you learn the stories of the Bible. I believe a child growing up in the church develops a true conscience. You know that God is always watching what you do, when no one else is looking. Also, you know that Jesus loves you no matter what. For these two important reasons, my 2 year old son is going to church.

Now, I am learning more about God from a minister who is a true theologian. Her knowledge of the Bible is so amazing. She is able to take verses from the Bible and explain them in terms of the time they took place. Then, she wraps in the teaching as to what it means to us today. I am truly learning the Bible and how it impacts me. Going to church grounds me – I feel like it brings me back to reality. If I get too wrapped up in myself or petty things in life, I can count on getting to what really matters when I get to church on Sunday.

One last point regarding church for me is finding a contemporary service was the key to me finding happiness. I felt drained and tired after leaving a traditional church service. The formality did not interest me. My same church offered a contemporary service and I am hooked! I love singing the songs (and knowing what they mean) and focusing on the sermon.

If going to church is a struggle for you, then it might be time to look for a service that meets your needs emotionally. You should look forward to going and feel better emotionally afterwards.

Working Mom™ thanks again.

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