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By Sabrina O'Malone / Tyndale House

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Kid's Chore Chart

Looking for a Fun way to Get Organized and
Motivate the Kids to Pitch in?

Our Newest Checklist can Radically Change Your Life.

The Kid's Chore Chart was born out of an epiphany that occurred while I was straightening my house. Even though I was in the process of cleaning, I realized my house was getting messier by the minute. You see, my children were in other parts of the house taking out toys and playing dress-up at a rate that far eclipsed my cleaning speed. That's when I realized that Mommy can't do "it all" And to be straight with you, this particular Mommy can't even do "most of it". Not without live-in help (which we simply cannot afford.)

So what were my options?

  1. Go on the "Mommy Warpath" throwing an all-out hissy-fit commandeering my family into a mad cleaning frenzy. (Tempting.but it would've been as futile as putting a band-aid on a serious injury.)
  2. Give up...throw in the with the mess and accept it as my lot in life. (Not a chance...that doesn't even SOUND like me.)
  3. Give Big Dan a "piece of my mind" about how he could help out more. (Tempting...but utterly naïve -and after you've been married long enough you'll know why.)
  4. Pray for wisdom and a practical solution. (Now we're getting somewhere.)
I settled on option 4, and this was the result.

Do I, or do I not have the ability to create interactive checklists? Personal Time Management Tools? Motivational and Inspirational Writing? What would happen if I asked the WorkingMom team to come up with an absolutely stellar, totally phenomenal Kid's Chore Chart? A high-tech, free printable chore chart that would have children begging to do chores?

Yes, you read correctly, I requested something that would have kids "begging to do chores."

After all, kids "live-in" and they can "help."

The Kid's Chore Chart is:
  • Very Fast and very easy to use
  • Personalized for each child
  • Has default settings & suggestions -in case you can't think of everything
  • Includes fun "chores"
  • Remembers free play
  • Has four different kid-themed backgrounds to choose from
  • Prints out on one page
  • Can also be emailed
  • Is completely free
  • Doesn't require registrations
Do yourself a favor and create a quick To Do List for your child and comment on the results in my blog.





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