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By Sabrina O'Malone / Tyndale House

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"I took a look at your website and it is very good. I appreciate your mission statement and the fact that there are no hidden agenda in your tenet. Praise God for authentic women of God."

Professor Thelma Wells, M.Min
President A Woman of God Ministies
Speaker, Women of Faith


"Every mom needs some encouragement. gives you a bright boost and provides resources and thoughtful recommendations. Think of it as a 'virtual latte' in the middle of your busy day. Refreshing!"

Robin Jones Gunn
bestselling author of "Sisterchicks on the Loose!" by Multnomah Publishers

LifeWay today in an article posted online through a HomeLife Magazine interview.


"It [Lumberjack] is a WON-derful story, I think I needed that and I'm not even a mom! I will pass it along and perhaps I can use it in my newsletter, too.

Love and Hugs,- Michelle McKinney Hammond


"I believe that this article [Lumberjack] is inspired by God.  It comes at a time when more and more demands are made on families.  The nature of being a Mother often is one of sacrifice.  It is unusual to take the last piece of cake, or take time for yourself when there is something that needs to be done for the family.  In this article, it is important to note that by taking the rest and time to connect with our Savior, we in fact have a better more aligned week for God, for our family, and for ourselves.  It is like the boy that pushes his bike to work everyday with a flat tire: when someone asks why he does this he comments: I do not have time to pump the tires.  Sharpen the ax and improve our walk and our lives.  Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go prepare for my day of rest......" -Karen


"God is always on time!  What an incredible message.  I gave birth to a beautiful son exactly 1 year ago and we could not afford for me to stay home.  So, as women do, we made do. It was the most challenging feat I've ever gone through. Thank you for your words of inspiration -- I NEEDED THIS TODAY!" -Vanna


" I am reading "Prayers for the Working Mom" at this time and I really love what Sabrina has to say. Then I just got an e-mail at my desk..."The Lumberjack" story and low and behold, it's written by Sabrina. Your inspiration was sent to me for a reason! Thank you for being who you are. You have really helped me put things into the proper prospective. Thank you again, I'm praying for you too!" -Monique


"I needed the article on rest and I hope I can heed its advice." -Jane


"I received "The Lumberjack" as a forward.  It really hit home with me.  It described me to a "t".  (Especially the part about sharpening your tools.)  I sure wish I could express myself as well as the writer of this article.  It was brilliant.  Thank you. I have just spent 2 hours exploring your web site.  It is very well done and I will come back to it many times. "

Wishing you rainbows, -Colleen


"God's timing is always the best. Thank you so much Sabrina for your story about Lumber Jill. It's so true, sometimes you think "The more I push myself the more productive I become".not know that you cannot produce anything good. Your prayer life goes down (because you are busy) your worship dies (because of the pressure.) Let me take this time to say I believe the retreat is the best thing you are offering the ladies there. Thank you so much for reminding us about the importance of the day of rest. Indeed, I always say if God rested there is a secret in rest! I pray that we get to understand it. "

God richly bless you - Bessie


Praise God for you and your team - I read your article on the CBN and am greatly encouraged to finally find a website that is relevant to me as a working Mum - I am a working Mum from Tonga (South Pacific) I  have a one year old son and am also a Mom in the workforce and most often I have a lot of responsibilities in my job and I also travel extensively in my job as a trade official but since I've had my boy it has been difficult for me to focus on work - up to a point that I did not enjoy my work most of the time - thank you for setting this website up so that Moms like me would find encouragement from other sisters with experience...bless you Sabrina and your team by seeing what you are doing I am encouraged to set us a similar sort of community of godly Christian women in my country - please pray for me as it is but a dream at the moment...

With love & many blessings - Moana


This article is thoughtful, well-written, and makes a great point!  Good job!

In Christ, - Anna


But there's still room for improvement:

I have seen your website and you are assured of my prayers. One thing always bothering me is that all are now on the WEB. What about millions of women working or non-working living in urban /towns and villages? What are the plans for them you have? In India only in urban areas/cities people can watch the internet. Then how can you reach or pray or work among them who are far from the Computer?-Vishwas





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