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By Sabrina O'Malone / Tyndale House

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Frequently Asked Questions



Q: When is the book Prayers for the Working Mom© coming out?
December 1, 2003

Q: What’s it about?
It’s about how to be a great mother and a great employee at the same time.

Q: Can you explain the guarantee?
We guarantee you’ll love this book.
See our complete refund policy online at

Q: What can I expect at a Spa Retreat?
Expect to relax.
Learn the 7 Secrets to Phenomenal Success
Have some peace and quiet.
Expect a massage, a facial, a manicure and a pedicure.
All your meals will be taken care of
You won’t even have to make your bed.

Q: What if I can’t make the first one?
We’re already planning the next one.
Get on our mailing list so you’ll have advance notice.

Q: When is the next one?
Soon. Perhaps as early as spring, 2004

Q: What if I can’t afford to attend?
Then by all means, join our mailing list and become eligible to win the free spot on the trip.

Q: What topics do you speak about?
Work/Life Balance.
Working Mom™ Minute Meals
Work, Motherhood and Faith

Q: Do you have a seminar suitable for the workplace?
Yes. Customized to meet your audience’s needs. Just ask.

Q: How do I contact you for more information?

Working Mom Enterprises
P.O. Box 227
Dover, DE 19903

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