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Prayers for the
Working Mom

by Sabrina O'Malone

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  1. Working Mom™ will NEVER charge an honorarium to speak to your group. NEVER .
  2. Working Mom™ does not accept or solicit donations. Here it is in print: . NO DONATIONS .

Our company, Working Mom™ is funded the old-fashioned way.By providing goods and services of exceptional quality at an exceptional value.

If you would like us to come out to speak at your organization, this is our policy:

  1. When the sponsoring organization pre-orders a Speaker Pack 4 cases (288 copies) of the book "Prayers for the Working Mom" from workingmom.com they are automatically registered to receive a speaker. (Sabrina O'Malone)
  2. Sponsoring organization shall reimburse transportation, hotel accommodations and meals for the speaker or speakers (if such is required)
  3. Book order must be placed a minimum of 1 month prior to seminar to ensure timely delivery. Seminar date, location and details must be confirmed in writing. All dates are subject to author availability.
  4. Working Mom™ will provide all pre-ordered, pre-paid books at the discounted rate of 75% off the cover price to the sponsoring organization!

And that's it. A huge profit margin and a free speaker to boot! It's an easy way for a women's group or any organization to have a speaker, a fund-raiser, and the chance to be a blessing to working moms and people who know and love them.

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Book retailers and book vendors are excluded from this campaign.

Working Mom™ reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time without notice. Every request will be prayerfully considered. We reserve the right to decline a request for a speaker at our discretion.


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