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By Sabrina O'Malone / Tyndale House

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Wisdom of a Storyteller

Dwarf Star PlanetThink of a story...or rather the definition of what a story is. In the physical sense, it is arguably one of two things: paper and ink, or it is a collection of sounds, produced at varying frequencies. But to describe a story in this manner omits its very essence.

If the paper and ink are destroyed, or once the sound stops, does the story still exist?

Of course it does. It exists in the memory of those who know it.

However, if everyone who knew the story should happen to forget it, will it still exist?

What if there's no longer any record of it in anyone's heart or mind? What happens to the story? Does it still exist?

Yes, it does, because a story is not confined to paper and ink, sounds and memory. These vehicles are simply the tangible manifestations we experience here on earth of its true essence. Once told, or created, the story will always exist. (For example, "The Three Little Pigs" will always be a story, even if you don't have the book, and even if you forget the details.)


Now, think of a person. or rather, the definition of what a person is. In the physical sense, he is arguably carbon-based matter with a high percentage of water and sodium containing a mild electromagnetic charge. But to describe a person in this manner omits their very essence.

If the body of the person dies, will the person still exist?

Of course they will. They exist in the memory of those who know them.

However, if everyone who has ever known this person should happen to forget him, does the person still exist?

What if there's no longer any record of this person in anyone's heart or mind? What happens to the person? Do they still exist?

Yes, they do, because a person is not confined to the carbon-based body, the electromagnetic charge, or the memory of others. These vehicles are simply the tangible manifestations we experience here on earth of their true essence. Once created, the person will always exist.


Like a story is not confined to the matter on which it's recorded, so are the soul and spirit of a person. We all have an eternal soul, and during life we are chose our eternal destination.

When driving a car a long distance, a tiny miscalculation in the beginning will have catastrophic effects on reaching your intended destination. Bearing left instead when you should have gone right is ever so much worse if you make the mistake early on in the journey. The longer you go in the wrong direction, the further off-course you become.

In life, we all make miscalculations and take wrong other words, we all sin. The longer we remain in sin, the more off-course we become. For example, that little selfish streak in a small child is understandable. wrong.but understandable.

What about when it grows into bullying at school?

Or driving a car recklessly for the fun of it?


Beating someone up in anger?

Plotting to get rid of a rival?



Given enough time, it's evident that continuing along the "putting myself first" selfish streak over the course of a lifetime results in what the Bible describes as evil. And that's just a 70-80 year span; imagine the degree of depravity a "looking out for #1" tendency would create in a being that lasts forever!

By that kind of reasoning, even the slightest transgression of God's basic rules of conduct would be justification for removing them from God's presence. (Or sending them to hell) and that's horrible, horrible news-because we've all broken the 10 Commandments. (Furthermore we start breaking it early on) The situation of the human race would seem utterly hopeless. But things aren't always what they seem. In fact, it sets the stage for the greatest story ever told.


What if someone could live without making a single mistake? Then sin wouldn't separate that person from God. If this person would be willing to pay the penalty for ALL the sins of the world, then justice would be served and we could get back on course. But who's qualified to take on the sins of the world? Who hasn't taken a "wrong turn" of their own that separates them from a perfect God in the first place? There's only one person.

This is "The Passion of the Christ ." God Himself would have to come down to earth in the form of a man to do that. Jesus Christ paid the penalty for sin (which is separation from God in death) and gave mankind The Way to avoid our hell-bent destination.

We did the crime, Jesus paid the fine.

There is no other way to serve justice, and dispense mercy. Furthermore, God has sent the Holy Spirit to help us stay on course. But keep in mind; mankind was created with a free will. We make our own decisions, we choose who we will serve and follow.


We can choose to serve ourselves, our desires, appetites, ambitions and feelings. We can choose follow after possessions, money, power and what we believe to be "infallible intellectual proclivity." Or we can accept God's gift to the world, Jesus Christ and get off the course that was leading us to straight to hell. It is the same choice as in the Garden of Eden. "Believe God, trust God", or "Pursue the knowledge of good and evil."

Bottom line.

-How you choose to address and correct your "miscalculations" has eternal significance.

  • When you are lost with no point of reference, you need more than a map, (The Bible)
  • A personal guide would be helpful, they can't give you the power needed to get where need to go. (Ministers)
  • The trip's too long and trail is too hard for you. You need Someone with the strength and power to carry you safely home. (Jesus Christ the Savior of the World)


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