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How to Make Kindle Pay for Itself

Initially there were 3 reasons I broke down and ordered a Kindle 2 instead of the Sony Reader or the Barnes & Noble Nook:

  1. Amazon dropped the price - The Kindle 2 with built in Wi-Fi was down to $139. And the version with 3G connectivity was only $189. Either way, this was the most affordable option for all the big name ebook readers. It's half the price of an iPad. It's less expensive than the Sony Reader or the Nook and has far more book titles available than any of them. (And it comes with free 2-day shipping!) 
  2. The Kindle has an adjustable font size option. (Large print becomes increasingly important to my reading experience the older I get!)
  3. The hit reality TV show "Hoarders" had started to hit too close to home. I'm an avid reader, so is my husband and so are all six of our children. Though I can't claim we're ready to be featured in our own episode; we've got books in every room of the house. And frankly, our library and all our bookshelves are just about filled to capacity. It's either give up reading, start throwing away or finding more places to donate all these books. A well-used Kindle would significantly reduce clutter & would actually help keep our house neater! 
With all the buzz in the news about the new lower price, I thought it would be smart to get one right away - before they sold out or ended up on back order. So when my Kindle 2 came I was pretty eager to try it out.


Then when I finally had one of my own, I discovered a few great things I hadn't even heard about. The "text-to-speech" option on the Kindle 2 allows the device to read aloud to you. (You can choose either a male or female sounding voice and adjust the speed to determine how fast you want it to talk.) And during text-to-speech, it automatically turns the page. This was perfect for the treadmill. Even if I couldn't hear the voice, I could read the text and it would automatically turn the page for me. Very nice. Although you can plug in ear buds to the Kindle if you really want to hear it in a noisy setting. 

Free Books

So I went onto the Amazon site looking for Kindle books and that's when I discovered what should have been the #1 reason I even got a Kindle in the first place. There are literally HUNDREDS of best-selling, critically-acclaimed books available for FREE. Classics, fiction, non-fiction, etc. I mean totally free - "whispernet" delivered within 60 seconds to your Kindle. I got THOUSANDS of dollars worth of my all-time favorite books for free on my Kindle. Books I've intended to read "one of these old days" and books by my favorite authors. And none of it takes up any space. No recycling the shipping boxes, no driving to the bookstore, no searching through clearance bins and no dusting off books. My Kindle literally paid for itself within an hour of it's arrival.

I know of no other way to get so many complete, unabridged quality books for free. Even the public library requires more effort and potential cost to get there and back!

So if you were thinking about getting a Kindle, Sony Reader, Nook or an iPad for reading books - there's never been a better time to get one!  

Disclosure: When you order through the link in the image above, you'll get the Kindle 2 at the new lower price and we'll get credit for referring you.


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