Working Mom Special Report
May 2013

Webroot versus Norton* & Avast*
Which Antivirus Software was Best?

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Our Head-to-Head Test Comparing Webroot, Norton* & Avast*

Objective: To compare three of the leading antivirus software programs to measure performance in removal of: viruses, spyware, adware, malware, dialers and browser hijackers.

Methods: We took three different computers in three separate locations that were highly infected (very, very slow, multiple pop-ups, with severe difficulty getting online) and ran:

  • Avast *
  • Norton Antivirus *
  • Webroot Antivirus 
  • Results: In our tests, none of the programs performed as well as Webroot Antivirus. Avast was quickly circumvented, then disabled, and the viruses infected the computer with all sorts of malware.

    However the biggest surprise came from Norton Antivirus*. (And we ran the test twice on two different computers - just to be sure.) It seems the koobface virus completely rendered the Norton Antivirus * software ineffective on both of our test computers. Norton Antivirus* failed to protect both the Windows Vista laptop and a desktop against the koobface-associated malware such as popups, browser hijacks. (The viruses were introduced to the systems through infected downloads.) Furthermore, the viruses blocked access to each of the computer's control panels, which would've made it expensive and time consuming to even get a professional to fix them.

    We then ran Webroot Antivirus on the computers that Norton Antivirus* and Avast* had failed. Webroot Antivirus not only cleaned up the viruses, it removed the trojans, fixed all the associated problems and eliminated the backdoors! Below is a screen shot of what Webroot Antivirus caught that the other software left behind.

    After seeing these results, WorkingMom unanimously decided to endorse and recommend Webroot Antivirus with Spy Sweeper. Working with Webroot Software Inc. we are also giving Working Moms a deal to save big on it.

    Webroot's Most Comprehensive Coverage

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    For a Safe, Happy and Healthy Personal Computer!

    As a busy working mom, we realize you don't have the time to research every development in internet technology. And since most home computers come with a built in anti-virus program and firewall, keeping it current and active is the most people tend to do. However with viruses and spyware smart enough to deliberately circumvent some of the most widely used antivirus software (such as Norton Antivirus* and Avast*) we knew it was time to see if anything could be done. As the "Koobface" virus spread, it brought to light the gaping holes in commonly used internet security software. However our test showed that Webroot Antivirus is an effective tool that even an amateur can use to successfully beat this new wave of computer threats and keep their computers running safely.

    • Bottom line, if you already have some kind of virus or spyware, it probably isn't too late to save yourself the aggravation of bringing your computer into a specialist. And save yourself a bundle with our 50% off Webroot Secure AnyWhere Coupon - $39.95. iconicon

    • The 50% off coupon code is a one-click coupon that will automatically discount 50% off Webroot Antivirus with Spy Sweeper at the official Webroot site. Webroot Antivirus with Spy Sweeper is the only anti virus program to win the PC Magazine Editor's Choice Award for 9 consecutive years.

    • We cannot emphasize this enough, be careful choosing anti-virus programs. Some antivirus companies offer "free downloads" that produce false results of what the free program would supposedly cleaned. (They hope their false results will entice you to purchase their software.) Worse still, some of them actually install their own malware on your computer! In contrast, Webroot Antivirus with SpySweeper has earned the recommendation of PC World, PC Magazine®, Smart Computing and is also sold in retail stores like:

      • Best Buy
      • Circuit City
      • CompUSA
      • Costco
      • Fry's
      • Hastings
      • Office Depot
      • Sam's Club
      • Staples
      • Target
      • Wal-Mart

    While there really are some excellent free programs, they aren't equipped to thoroughly fix what's already been downloaded onto the computer and they are designed primarily to help protect the computer from future attacks. chose to recommend the Webroot Products because we've seen them actually fix and eliminate existing problems while monitoring against downloading future ones. We also recommend keeping the antivirus program up to date by checking for updates weekly, just as you would with any other anti-virus software.


    1. Don't underestimate the power of prayer. Make a habit of praying to God for the safety, health and well-being of your family. Instead of just hoping, wishing and stressing, actively pray for help and protection! A heartfelt prayer opens the door to unimaginable benefits for your family's physical, spiritual, relational and financial well-being.
    2. When you are online, if you suspect that a website or download may contain something like viruses or spyware, check it out at
    3. Don't buy or download just ANY anti-virus program. Some of them are just malware themselves and are of no help.



    *Adware is a program that creates pop-up ads on your computer or supports banner ads on websites. These can often be pornographic. Adware is most often bundled with popular downloads or can even be the main reason for some popular free software. Some come loaded with themes and wallpapers. Some browser "helpers" are actually spyware. Some adware is very aggressive and actually adds a string to the browser to constantly send information back to the source. Some of it adds software to your start up, slowing down your computer considerably.

    *Malware: This is defined as "malicious software, software designed specifically to damage or disrupt a system, such as a virus or a Trojan horse." It can drop programs into computers through "backdoors." These Trojans and backdoors can be used to hijack a computer, including the mouse and keyboard. Then your computer could even be used to remotely hack other computers. Viruses can be executed, and they bury their activation process into different sections of the computer's registry, making them very difficult to remove, even by many anti-spyware programs. The best defense is to prevent downloading them in the first place.

    *Browser Hijacks: Your browser home page can be hijacked by a "malicious" website. The home page would then only open to a page of ads, a gambling site or even a porn page. Another type of hijacking concerns the modem. A dialer can be installed on the computer without the user's knowledge or permission. It may come bundled in a fun software, theme or screen saver.

    Stay Safe! And may God continue to bless you, your family and the work of your hands!

    In His Service,
    Sabrina O'Malone

    Disclosure: We conducted this test using a promotional copy of the latest Webroot Software. We were not paid to write this review. When you click through the Webroot link, you will save 50% on their software and WorkingMom will get credit for referring you.

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