Working Mom Special Report
December 2013

**40% off All Orders + $25 Bonus Cash per every $25 Spent!** - Triple Coupon Deal = Almost Free!

**40% off All Orders + $25 Bonus Cash
per every $25 Spent!**

This is an "Almost Free" deal. Seriously.

I think this might even be some kind of temporary glitch. I have no idea how long it will last. So if you know and love any girls that wear clothing between size 6-16 who could use some new pants, shirts, jackets, dresses, skirts or accessories, now is your chance to outfit them for next to nothing.

Right now, at, you get a $25 gift card/ bonus cash for every $25 you spend. Plus, Coupon code GIFT2013 discounts 40% off your total. (And this includes clearance items) HOWEVER, you get the bonus cash based on your ORIGINAL total, BEFORE any discounts! Plus free shipping!

My middle daughter, Angelica designed aFashion-playtes-order-summarynd ordered some new outfits from last week. At the time, I didn’t know much about what “Bonus Cash” was - but I certainly knew what 40% off I let her order a few things.

To my utter astonishment, when the clothing she ordered shipped, I got an email from telling me that our “Bonus Cash” had arrived. These are e-gift card numbers that take $25 off any future order, and you can use more than one e-gift card per order. (Just look at our savings in the image to the right!)

So this morning I ordered clothing again, used the “GIFT2013” 40% off coupon + my bonus cash and I winded up paying just $20 on an order that was originally $225. (And I would’ve paid even less if I hadn’t opted for the express shipping) Plus we’ll be getting NINE MORE $25 off bonus cash certificates when this new order ships!?

The Bonus Cash certificates don’t expire until March 1, 2014, so you’ve got time to use them. May I suggest that if money is tight, you order now, then await your bonus cash, and then keep ordering until this deal ends? Oh, and Merry Christmas!


Why is the Best Website Ever

(By Angelica, Age 10) has commercials on TV, so almost every girl my age has heard of it and wants to design her own clothes. (Or at least play on their website, because it's free and it's fun.) With, you can design cute but affordable clothes your way. It's not just clothes, but jewelry and accessories too. (They have necklaces and bracelets that you can add charms to, a purse you can add designs to, and my new favorite accessory, called hair flings.)

If you are not allowed to wear long or dangling earrings, or if you don't have pierced ears yet, you can get two hair flings and clip the barrette part in your hair above your ears. The charms in the hair flings will be near your ears and will look great! You pick the charms you want on them, but just make sure you order two if you want to wear them to look like earrings.  (I ordered two of the ones the left.)

You can also pick out and design clothes for yourself and for your dolls. When you're done designing you can put your designs on a model that you get to create. (That's me in my virtual room in the picture above.) You also get to design a room for your model and make "friends"with other users. Recently Fashionplaytes added new clothes that are so cool! I LOVED designing my clothes and accessories. I hope you will too!

Check out the Commercial!

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