November 27, 2021
Uniblue Powersuite Pro Coupon and Review

Uniblue Powersuite Pro Coupon and Review


Best Value Uniblue Coupon – Get Uniblue Powersuite Pro 2017

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I was in a pickle!

The WorkingMom IT guy retired, and I didn’t have a ready replacement to help me fix my computer. Even though I run a busy website, I’m actually more of an “ideas” person. Consequently, I know next to nothing about computer operating systems or hardware. I was as helpless as anybody else when my home computer started running slow, things started taking forever to load and screens started freezing up or closing while I was using them. I had to do something. So I:

  • Ran my Anti Spyware Program
  • Ran the Antivirus too (for good measure)
  • And Restarted the computer

Fortunately, the computer came up clean…but unfortunately the problems persisted. Then I:

But none of it helped — not one bit!

Even as I resigned myself to the fact that I’d probably end up forking over my hard-earned money for a new computer, a worse thought came to mind. How would I transfer the important information from my old computer into the new one? I definitely don’t know how to do that. There simply had to be a safer, easier, and cheaper way to get my five-year-old-Wal-Mart-Black-Friday-door-buster computer running right again.

There was.

In the not so distant past, improving the performance of a PC was pretty much the job of skilled IT specialists. And they always had plenty of work because over 94% of all computers end up with corrupt, unused or potentially harmful files on them.

Even a PC with up to date antivirus, anti-spyware and a state of the art internet filter runs the risk of developing problems with the registry. (The Windows Registry changes whenever you install or uninstall software, add or remove programs, or change the computer’s settings.) Over time, the registry becomes bogged down with fragmented, obsolete or corrupted files–then the problems begin.

So the real question was would a good “registry cleaning” actually fix my computer problems and speed up my PC?

The Fix

I tried the products by Uniblue: Registry Booster, SpeedUpMyPC and Driver Scanner. These are professional level tools that amateurs (like me) can use to maintain system performance, system stability and clean up the hard drive.

First I downloaded RegistryBooster from the Uniblue website and it was easy to use and install. The first time I ran it on my computer, these were the results:

invalid registry screen

Yikes! With 715 Invalid Registry Entries it’s no wonder I was having problems.

Then I ran the SpeedUpMyPC software. And it found close to seventy ways to optimize my computer’s speed.

When I ran the Driver Scanner software, these were the results:

driver scanner results screen

So Did it Work?

The answer is a resounding yes. In fact, I’m typing this review article from the computer that used to give me such problems. No more screens freezing up, programs closing down and no more sluggish response. And there was an unexpected benefit that also turned up.

In the past, whenever my computer was completely turned off, it would take a good five to ten minutes reboot. It had become my habit to turn on the computer, then go to the kitchen to fix myself a cup of tea and by the time I got back to my desk with my teacup -the computer would be almost ready to resume working. Believe it or not, I just accepted this as a computer reality, and never expected anything more.

But thanks to the Speed up My PC optimization start up tab, for the first time I saw that my computer had about a half dozen seldom used programs that were automatically loading whenever the computer started up. And that’s what was making it take so long to reboot. Furthermore, those programs would stay on in the background whenever the computer was on; so they also slowed down my PC speed on other programs. Did I really want to slow down everything else – just in case I needed to use my Kodak photo editor, iTunes helper, QuickTime or some other fun-little program? Definitely not. Frankly, the faster I can get to my email, get online or use Word the better.

So I just clicked on the boxes to un-select the programs I didn’t want automatically loading at start up. And now it only takes a minute or two to turn on my computer! That’s a very, very nice bonus. And let me be very clear about this, I still have all my photo editor programs on my computer, but now they only load when click to turn them on. (Like it should’ve been from the beginning!)

The Deal

Just the fact that these products allowed me to put off buying a new computer was a tremendous deal. But to top it off, Uniblue has agreed to give busy working moms a break! Yes, you deserve a break today. So here are four exclusive coupons for overworked, overstressed, minivan moms (and dads):

checkmarkUniblue Registry Booster Coupon — Save 50%.

checkmarkUniblue SpeedUpMyPC Coupon — Save 50%

checkmarkUniblue Driver Scanner Coupon — Save 50%

Or Best Value, Get all 3 with Powersuite Pro 2017! Save 67% Off vs purchasing separately.

checkmarkUniblue PowerSuite Pro 2017 — Includes: RegistryBooster + SpeedUpMYPC + DriverScanner — Save 67%!

Enjoy your faster, better computer — and enjoy your coupons!

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