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Prayers for the
Working Mom

by Sabrina O'Malone

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Saving You...


Perspective   Photo by NASA

Question: Which photo most accurately depicts the relationship between the Earth and Sun?

The photo to the lef from NASA shows the Sun, a solar flare and a tiny little blue ball. (Earth) But in the photo below of a beautiful sunset, the sun is barely visible.

Answer: It depends on your perspective.

No mere human being can fully fathom the precision required to create & sustain life on Earth. Arecibo & the Hubble Telescope only verify that bigger things going on right now than you and me.

Nevertheless, if it's nearly dark and your children are outside playing somewhere - the events in the cosmos aren't nearly as important to you as making sure they get home safely before dark.

With the New Year upon us, 2012 calendars are in stores everywhere.

It fairly begs the question 2012 years since what?

What split time into "before" & "after"? There are thousands of books on this subject; but one stands out among them all. And it's the best selling book of all time.

No other literary work has even come close

The most important service we offer at workingmom.com is reminding you of God's Amazing love. Just like your relationship with your child is more important to you than the events of the cosmos, likewise, you're more important to God than the stars in the sky.

It's all about the relationship . The fact that Jesus came to earth nearly two thousand years ago was proof that it's all about restoring the relationship between God and mankind. There's a bridge to cross the great divide between God and people. It's the missing element from the time-management/ performance-enhancing/ money-making "Business Opportunities" out there.

It isn't: wishful thinking, visualizing, hoping for the best, good vibes or good intentions. It is the most effective and powerful technique for changing the world, your circumstances and yourself.


It is our privilege to introduce PrayStation 3: a forum where thousands of people come together and post their prayers to God for one another. PrayStation 3 is staffed by Prayer Warriors with a heart for working mothers.

It is staffed by you.

You can freely post a prayer in response to someone's request, or make a request of your own. We ask that you review our guidelines before posting.

By the grace of God the workingmom.com resources continue to be available at no charge, with no registration to the hundreds of thousands of households that visit this website. It is our prayer that God blesses you for being one of them.

In His Service,

Sabrina O'Malone


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