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October 2016
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Guide to Online Dating - What to Expect from


If you know and love someone (or happen to be someone) who is looking to start dating again, this is the article for you. Where to begin?  It seems everyone is talking about online dating, so we decided to do a little research on it.  Online dating using a service like is the most popular option for people to meet who might not ordinarily encounter one another. In real-world circumstances, (like in the video clip above) even if two well-suited people were in the same vicinity, they’d ordinarily walk right by each other without ever meeting or even saying hello. Finding a new love interest isn’t easy under those circumstances. However, online services like can provide opportunities to connect with someone who could be right for you.  

Joining Match

The most popular dating site is Millions of people are registered with them. In major metropolitan areas, you could have hundreds of potential matches.

If you spend some time looking around the site before you subscribe, you’ll get an idea of what to expect before you spend any money. It’s free to register, and once you’re registered, you will be able to see a picture and a brief description of some potential matches.  If you decide to subscribe, you’ll be able to respond to and contact people through the site. And with a subscription, you can also search by type and see more in-depth information about potential matches.  If you want to save big, just be sure to register through our link to use our exclusive Coupon and get the 12 month package to save 74% off. 

Is it Safe? reviews each profile prior to posting it on their site.  This ensures that they are appropriate and free of profane or suggestive images and language. With respect to making contact with a potential match, states: “We use a double-blind email system to preserve your privacy. It replaces your real email address with your username and ‘talkmatch’ domain (ex:, then forwards your messages to the members you’re emailing.” has other forms of communications available through the site (such as instant messaging and audio/video) that contain safeguards that facilitate anonymous communication between members. 

Bottom line: There are safeguards in place, but use the same caution and common sense that you would in any situation where you’re meeting someone for the first time. Cost?

A basic, one-month subscription costs up to $41.99. A one month subscription with the Value Package (Email Read notifications, first impressions, match phone and a highlighted profile) would cost $63.95 per month. But if you combine our coupon with the Match 12 month subscription, you save $268.55 when you order the twelve month package for $152.91 - and it includes the extras that make your profile easier to find - that’s how you get the most value and save 74% off!) Discount Subscription

What to Expect When Creating Your Match Profile

After you subscribe, the first step will be creating your profile. starts with some quick, easy questions using drop-down responses:
Your age
The town (or area) in which you live

Age range of men you would be interested in
Geographic range for men you would be interested in
Your marital status
Do you have children
Do you want children
Body type
Do you smoke
How often do you drink
Hair color
Eyes color
Best Feature
Tattoos or piercings

Favorite sports
Exercising habits
Your usual diet
Income level
Any languages you speak
Political leanings
Your living situation
Pets you have
Pets you’d like

In Your Own Words Section

The next section gives you a bit more freedom. You’ll type in your own answers, but be brief – there is a character limit.
What you do for fun
Your job
Your religion
Favorite hot spots

Favorite things
Last book you read

Sell Yourself – (in a good way) Section

This is the section of the profile where you answer the “About Me and What I’m Looking For” question. Be sure to check for typos, check your grammar and avoid using text message abbreviations. A lot of good quality matches might pass by a profile written like this: “r u da gr8 man I bin lookin 4?” You only have one chance to make a first impression. Don’t waste it by having poor spelling or bad grammar work against you.

Then choose a headline for your profile.  Select something that grabs attention – but try not to be too far out.  Take a look at other profiles to get a feel for what might work well to describe you.  Keep in mind, your headline, picture and the first few lines of your “About me and what I’m looking for” response will be the what your potential matches see first. Make sure you put your best foot forward.

The icing on the cake will be your photos.  Select pictures of you in a variety of settings. Include at least one that shows your face clearly, an action shot, perhaps one of you at work, or a portrait picture.  Don’t just post your Glamor Shots from twenty years ago. By all means, if you have some flattering pictures, post them.  But as a word to the wise, make sure most of your pictures look like the real you.   

Anything Else?

These are some of the best practices towards actually meeting someone we heard from other working moms:

Start by emailing through the site. This keeps your own email address private. If you feel ready to meet someone, ask HIM for his phone number. YOU call HIM, and put a block on your phone number before you call. This will prevent him (or anyone else) from seeing your phone number. (Dial *67 before their number using a land line)  

Suggest a meeting for coffee in a place a few towns away from where you live or work. This works especially well if you have errands to run or an appointment to make in that area.  You should strive to meet for coffee before you even give out your phone number, or real email address, and within the first three weeks after initial contact.  You don’t want to waste your time building up your expectations (and his) needlessly.

If the first meeting goes well, then proceed as you would in any scenario where you are getting to know someone. Once you have his real name, other working moms have recommended doing a quick search through sites such as this:

However if it’s not going well, and you know he isn’t a match for you, just say that you have an appointment to get to, and thank him for meeting you.


Online dating can be fun, and a lot of busy people meet their future spouses through sites like  Is it for you?  Take a look at it for yourself.  If you like what you see, then subscribe, but use our promo code and order a 12 month package to save the most money you can in the process.  Or Take a 3 Day Free Trial Happy Dating!

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by Sabrina O'Malone


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