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July 2014

Sandy Cove

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Sandy Cove Family Camp Review

After a seemingly endless year of school, all that laundry, all that cooking, doing all those dishes, all that shopping, taking out all that garbage, doing all that recycling - and doing everything else mothers do to keep the family running smoothly all throughout the year...Do you need a vacation?

A real vacation

The kind of vacation where:

  • Someone else does the cooking
  • Someone else does the cleaning
  • Someone else provides entertainment for the kids
  • Something all inclusive
  • In a wholesome, Christian, family-friendly environment
  • Preferably with free concerts and entertainment in the evenings
  • And relevant seminars available during the day
  • With babysitting/childcare/activities - so Mommy has some time off
  • Maybe waterskiing...
  • A little parasailing...
  • A zip line & trapeze (adventurous stuff like that)
  • Nature trails, horseback riding or pony rides
  • But with lots of free time to just "veg"
  • In a place that can accommodate even a really large family
  • That wouldn’t charge you extra - if you happen to be blessed with a whole lot of kids!

Sound like a dream? Or perhaps the workings of someone's overactive imagination? Well, it isn't. We found a two resorts that pass muster, but one really stands out:

  1. Sandy Cove Located in Maryland & provides everything listed above.  BONUS: first time vacationers save 50% off the regular rates this year! (Tell them Sabrina from sent you!)

  2. Fort Rock Resort Located in Arkansas. Featured on the show "19 Kids and Counting."

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