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April 2012

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 Fashionplaytes sample - Is it the Panacea for Preteen Girls?

Yes, it is. And here's why: is an absolute gem for preteen or “tween” girls. The years between 9 to 12 years of age are a time of transitioning from a little girl into a little lady. As a Mom, I couldn't find a single, easily accessible resource for this age group. Isn't there anything made just for them?

There is now.

I’m a Mom of six (three girls and three boys.) My two oldest girls are 9 and 12. Like a lot of parents of preteen girls, we’ve had trouble finding clothing that is stylish enough for their tastes while being modest enough for ours. And the girls are fast outgrowing Webkinz - but they're too young for Facebook. (which is the new name for solves both of these problems.

The Girls Reaction

My girls absolutely loved the experience of designing & embellishing their own fashions. They loved getting their finished outfits in the mail and wearing their own designs. The clothing is made in the USA by seamstresses who turn their virtual designs into high-quality clothing that the girls can wear with pride. My girls have gotten hours of virtual, online fun designing clothing, playing with their virtual model, decorating their virtual room and making virtual friends. And they've gotten fashionable, self-designed clothing to wear to boot.

My Reaction

I loved the fact that their outfits turned out to be such high-quality, they're made with soft (yet durable) fabrics - all without a grungy or provocative look to them. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that the clothing runs true-to-size. (They offer girls sizes from 5-14)

Daddy's Reaction

My husband liked the fact that the clothing is affordable. (Fashionplaytes outfits - even without a coupon - are less expensive than regular-priced clothing at Target.)

Fashionplaytes Coupon Code

Since my family liked it so much, I contacted the manufacturer and told them our story. I asked if they’d give working moms a break and create a few special coupon codes to save you some money and encourage you to give it a try. They agreed! (And it's not surprising given this actual review below, written by Angelica, my nine-year-old daughter.)

Two Coupon Codes to save BIG:

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 300 x 250 FashionPlaytes Fun
(The opinion of a real, 9-year-old girl.) is a really great website and it’s really easy to start doing. Here are the four easy steps:

  1. Choose your item
  2. Choose your size and color
  3. Make it yours by choosing designs
  4. Type your email address and mailing address and they’ll have it shipped to you.

Don’t worry if the price is too high. You can use my coupon codes. Enter code “Angelica15” when you check out and automatically save 15% off any order over $30! Or buy a gift card for $40 or more and enter code "WMGIFT10" and get a free $10 gift card, then get free shipping when you use it.

Making a Model
Making a model is easy. First click on the model salon button at the top of the screen. Your model will first appear as a fair-skinned girl with short black hair. You can change the skin tone and hairstyles and make it look just like you if you want. On the lower left you will see a bunch of heads, choose the head shaped most like your head. On the top right you’ll see a faceless head with hair, click on it and you’ll see a bunch of hairstyles. Find the hairstyle you like best. On the right you’ll find a bunch of hair colors. Find the one you like most then choose eye shapes and lips.

My Collection
Click on "my collection" and your virtual model will appear in your collection. Dress your model in your clothing designs, put furniture and pictures up in your virtual room. You can also make friends by clicking on the icon in the right corner and clicking people and sending friend requests.

Shop and Fashion Bucks
When you go to the model salon, you can click on the shopping cart. You can buy different hairstyles and makeup if you want extra options. You can buy fashion bucks (1,000 for $5 you can get lots of makeup, furniture and other extras for your virtual model - but you don’t have to because a lot of virtual stuff comes free.)

I hope you enjoy as much as I do. Have fun!

WorkingMom’s Conclusion:
(Okay, how adorable was Angelica's first review?)

Anyhow, in conclusion, Fashionplaytes is a fantastic online clothing merchant & virtual reality site where tween girls get to do more than just design outfits to wear. They can create a virtual model, decorate a virtual room and create all sorts of outfits and accessories for their virtual model - totally free of charge. They also have the option of having those outfits and accessories custom made by a seamstress, with their names on a tag as the designer! They’re affordably priced and the outfits they design come in the mail about a week later. Just designing the clothing gave my girls an important, (non-messy) creative outlet. Playing with the virtual model and decorating their virtual room was another big plus. | combines the best of both worlds: online “fun” plus real, beautiful clothes they can wear.

We even sent gift certificates to our nieces and they enjoyed the site - and the opportunity to create outfits and become online “friends” with their cousins. 

NEW Check out the Fashion Playtes Commercial! See what the buzz is all about!

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