Working Mom Special Report
February 2015

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A few years back, my husband and I were forced to try to protect ourselves from identity theft for the first time ever. He was securing one of our kids in a car seat when he inadvertently placed his wallet on top of the minivan. We drove from New Jersey to Delaware before we realized he had left it up there. (It probably flew off somewhere along the New Jersey Turnpike.)

Instead of searching a few hundred miles of highway for it, we decided we'd be better off just canceling his credit cards, replacing his driver's license and everything else. (No easy task.) The whole thing was nerve-wracking. It felt like we were racing against the clock to get things canceled before his wallet “fell into the wrong hands.” We made dozens of phone calls, spent hours on hold listening to and selecting “menu options” and to top it all off, we both lost a half day of work in the process.

That seemed like the end of it, until just a few weeks ago, something strange happened. At first, it appeared we were spending more money than usual. When finally I checked our accounts, it turns out that someone had made an illegal copy of one of our debit cards, and was using it throughout a neighboring state, draining us of every last dollar we had. It made me wonder whether or not that lost wallet could've been related to it.

Sure wish we'd had signed up for MetLife Defender way back when...

The FTC reports identity theft as the number one consumer complaint. This is no surprise because every three seconds, another identity is stolen. However, an ounce of prevention can be worth a pound of cure.

Particularly for children. In fact, children are the fastest growing segment of identity theft victims because criminals know it can take years before anyone realizes their identities are being misused.

There are several personal fraud protection services in existence to help protect your credit rating and keep your identity safe. But most only offer assistance after a criminal has already stolen your identity. Even among the  ones that offer proactive help, there are some important differences, particularly when it comes to protecting your children. Child Identity Theft Protection + Cyber Predator Detection & Notification + Cyberbullying Applications and Scanning are only available with MetLife Defender's family plan.

MetLife Defender vs Competitors

This is a fantastic way to keep your own data safe as well a not only protect your children's data, but also protect them from various threats online. And there's more good news. We've found a deal, a discount, an automatic coupon a special promotion tailor made for overworked, over-stressed, minivan moms (and dads) - like me.

Now, at the official MetLife Defender Website, when you click through our link and you'll receive a 30 day free trial - and you'll save 10% off their regular price!

So be safe, be frugal, and enjoy.

by Sabrina O'Malone


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