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May 2007
Kid's Chore Chart

Our Newest Checklist can Radically Change Your Life.

The Kid’s Chore Chart was born out of an epiphany that occurred while I was straightening my house. Even though I was in the process of cleaning, I realized my house was getting messier by the minute. You see, my children were in other parts of the house taking out toys and playing dress-up at a rate that far eclipsed my cleaning speed. That’s when I realized that Mommy can’t do "it all” And to be straight with you, this particular Mommy can’t even do “most of it”. Not without live-in help (which we simply cannot afford.)

So what were my options?

  1. Go on the “Mommy Warpath” throwing an all-out hissy-fit commandeering my family into a mad cleaning frenzy. (Tempting…but it would’ve been as futile as putting a band-aid on a serious injury.)
  2. Give up…..throw in the towel… with the mess and accept it as my lot in life. (Not a chance…..that doesn’t even SOUND like me.)
  3. Give Big Dan a “piece of my mind” about how he could help out more. (Tempting…..but utterly naïve –and after you’ve been married long enough you’ll know why.)
  4. Pray for wisdom and a practical solution. (Now we’re getting somewhere.)
I settled on option 4, and this was the result.

Do I, or do I not have the ability to create interactive checklists? Personal Time Management Tools? Motivational and Inspirational Writing? What would happen if I asked the WorkingMom team to come up with an absolutely stellar, totally phenomenal Kid’s Chore Chart? A high-tech, free printable chore chart that would have children begging to do chores?

Yes, you read correctly, I requested something that would have kids “begging to do chores.”

After all, kids “live-in” and they can “help.”

The Kid’s Chore Chart is:

  • Very Fast and very easy to use
  • Personalized for each child
  • Has default settings & suggestions -in case you can’t think of everything
  • Includes fun “chores”
  • Remembers free play
  • Has four different kid-themed backgrounds to choose from
  • Prints out on one page
  • Can also be emailed
  • Is completely free
  • Doesn’t require registrations
Do yourself a favor and create a quick To Do List for your child and comment on the results in my blog.


If you post your comment, you’ll automatically become eligible to win one of our nice prizes. We’re randomly selecting a comment on the new Kid’s Chore Chart to win a brand new Sunbeam Bread machine! (This is just like the one I use in my own kitchen, and it’s been a real blessing to me and my family.) Health benefits aside, just imagine waking up in the morning to the aroma of fresh-baked bread! Or imagine making brownies, banana bread, or chocolate chip cake, etcetera from scratch -with little to no effort. I tell you, this little machine has made me into a legend at my kid’s schools!

What's in the Box?

  • 1.5-2.0 lb Loaf
  • 13-hour Delay Bake
  • 12 Cooking Functions
  • ExpressBake Breadmaker Cycle Bakes in under 1 hour
  • LED Display
  • Easy-Clean Touch Control Panel
  • Non-Stick, Removable Baking Pan
  • Instruction Book With Bread Recipes
Let me know what you think of the Kid’s To Do List and you just might win this yourself. Sabrina's Blog

With, that said, as important as a good “Chore Chart” or “To Do List” can be; I’ll turn the rest of this special report over to Dez Molloy. Her article serves as the perfect reminder not to let your own to-do list become an “idol” or your master.

Whose Agenda –Mine or His?

May 2007 Special Report

I admit it, I‘m not the person strangers approach. In fact, I can look downright unapproachable at times. But for some reason, whenever I travel, it seems God has something different in mind for me. (It’s either that, or He gets a cosmic kick out of watching me operate outside of my natural comfort zone.)

Without fail, I always end up sitting next to someone who wants to tell me their life story.

I could write a book about the people I’ve sat next to.
And these flights are short, -very short; an hour to an hour and a half max. (I only fly up and down the northwest.) But it doesn't seem to matter. By the end of the flight I could tell you:

  • where they grew up,
  • when they got married,
  • if they got married,
  • how many kids they have,
  • where their kids went to college,
  • how many kids their kids have,
  • all their kids ages,
  • their own ages when they decided to have kids,
  • the car they drive,
  • Sometimes I could tell what car they drove before the car they drive now!
And that’s not all…by the time we de-plane, I know:

  • what they do for a living,
  • what they used to do for a living,
  • what they would like to do for a living,
  • what their spouse does for a living,
  • and when they would like to retire.
  • I can tell you where their parents live,
  • if their parents are still alive,
  • if they are from a broken home,
  • Or if they had (or still have) a relationship with their step-parent.
No, I’m not kidding or exaggerating.

Interestingly enough, not one of them has ever asked me anything about myself. Not a single question about what I do for a living, where I’m going to or coming from, or whether I have a family….nothing.

To the people who know me, the whole thing seems especially odd, because strangers generally don’t seek me out. I’m just not the person people strike up a conversation with in the checkout aisle, and people seldom stop me to ask for directions. What’s so different about me on an airplane? Thinking about it took me on an introspective journey.

The plain truth is that I maintain my “unapproachable” façade on purpose –mainly so people will leave me alone and I can get things done. I know this doesn’t sound very nice - but I’ve got my hands full with a full-time job, my husband, two kids, and a household to take care of. Every moment I spend making small talk with a stranger wastes leisure time that I don’t really have.

But what makes me so different during a plane ride? I make a deliberate effort to maintain my usual 'Don't-talk-to-me-face' when they sit down - so what's the difference?

Then it became obvious – so obvious that it hit me like an open book -


Well….isn’t this a treasure?

Apparently, it doesn't matter who we are, or what we think we are supposed to be. When we have the LIVING WORD OF GOD in our hands, we invite THE LIVING GOD OF THE BIBLE to take over!

Maybe these people just needed to talk.

Maybe they needed to see Jesus in someone.

After all, who is the ultimate listener?

Jesus is.

And as one of His followers, I’m learning to be more and more like Him.

It’s ironic, my entire life, I’ve been told I need to work on my listening skills. Who would have thought that all I needed to do was carry around my little, black, beat-up Bible to become a great listener?

“Commit your work to the Lord and then your plans will succeed." Proverbs 16:3

As a result of this soul-searching, it’s become clear that part of my job as a Believer is to live out and remember what "true" success is. Getting everything checked off on my to-do list is a temporary, fleeting accomplishment in the grand scheme of life.

As I thought about it this morning, it came to me that true success is having a positive impact on people. People last a whole lot longer than a completed to-do list. Every person is precious to God, so every one of them should be important to me! The people in my family, my friends, strangers on the street, people in the checkout aisle, colleagues at work, and yes, even people sitting next to me on an airplane.

So this is my new daily goal - to positively affect people. That doesn't mean everyone is always going to be happy with me. I know I can’t please all the people all the time; but I can hope and pray that I’ll keep the high road, stay positive, and remember that every interaction with another person is an opportunity to reflect God’s love.

Thank God -and I literally mean "Thank God" that His mercies are new every morning, because history has taught me that I, Dez Molloy, am going to need new mercy every day!

In His Service,

Desiree Molloy



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