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By Sabrina O'Malone / Tyndale House

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Prince Caspian -The Movie Exclusive Interview

Interview with Douglas Gresham by Sabrina O'Malone
April 28, 2008

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Douglas Gresham - Prince Caspian - Naria Just days before the release of a multi-million dollar epic movie there are dozens of last minute details to iron out. Messages come in every waking (and sleeping) moment by mail, email, cell, messenger (or carrier pigeon.) This man's home phone rings in vain, you can't reach him there.  He's criss-crossing the globe to attend as many functions as humanly possible. At this moment, Douglas Gresham, C.S. Lewis' best know relative, heir to the Narnia legacy and Co-producer to the new movie Prince Caspian is a very busy man.

However, none of these details mattered to the three oldest O'Malone children.  They had questions -questions that simply could not wait to be answered.  Daniel (Age 10) Christiana (Age 8) and Angelica (age 5) are something of Narnia experts -they've listened to the Focus on the Family Radio Theatre Audio Drama of the Narnia stories since birth.  "Mom, Dad, we've got to ask Mr. Gresham some questions -right now!" 

Would you believe that Douglas Gresham graciously granted the kids this exclusive interview?  So here are all the answers to the burning questions true Narnia fans may have about the movie Prince Caspian and Narnia.   

Question 1: In the book, Caspian has blonde hair - why is his hair dark in the movie?

The Telmarines needed to look, sound and behave very differently from the Pevensies.  Seeing that they were descendants of earthly pirates who married into the island natives of the place where they were marooned, Andrew Adamson [the movie director] came up with the idea of making them descendants of Spanish Pirates. Thus they look and speak differently from the very English Pevensies.
  Caspian is a Telmarine and so he has brown hair, simple really. I think you'll find that it works amazingly well. Caspian himself is played by Ben Barnes who is English but plays the role with a Telmarine accent.

Question 2: Did you use real dwarfs for Trumpkin and Nickabrik or did you use a camera trick on regular sized people?

Both the actors, Peter Dinklage [Trumpkin] and Warwick Davis [Nickabrik] are just very small people, and both are excellent in their roles as Trumpkin and Nikabrik. No smart camera work, but lots of amazing make up -which is the work of Howard Berger's team of prosthetic make up artists.

Question 3: Do you have the "real" wardrobe and did you ever look inside it and see anything?

[This question generates a stern look from the older siblings with the reminder that she's on the wrong movie and there isn't any wardrobe in Prince Caspian. Mr. Gresham graciously responds anyway]

Angelica, there is actually no "real" wardrobe, Jack took that idea from a book by E. Nesbit (and if you haven't read her books yet then you have a great treat in store for you) called "The Aunt and Amabel". There was no wardrobe that stimulated the idea at all.   Despite that fact, there are two colleges in America both of whom claim to have the "real" wardrobe. One has a wardrobe from Warnie's [C.S. Lewis' brother's] room at The Kilns, and the other has a very fine wardrobe hand carved and made by Jack's grandfather. It used to stand in the hall of The Kilns. Neither of these wardrobes has any relationship at all with Narnia.


What movie are you making next, and how long until it's ready?

Currently we are working on "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" in the Narnian series, and also "Screwtape".  Dawn Treader should be ready for release in 2010, I am not sure about Screwtape yet. Is that okay?


Yes, Mr. Gresham, we'll call you if we have any more questions.  Thank you very much and tell Mrs. Gresham we said hello.


Copyright © 2008 by Sabrina O'Malone
All rights reserved. No portion of this article may be reproduced in any form without written permission of


Chronicles of Narnia : Prince Caspian hits theatres on May 16th 2008.





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