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AncestryDNA Adoption Answers for Lifelong Questions

AncestryDNA Adoption Answers for Lifelong Questions

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Answers are in the DNA

We had a small problem. And it was something that only the science behind Ancestry DNA would be able to help us solve.
As you may already know, we have six kids, (five biological and one adopted.) When the son we adopted entered his teen years, his curiosity about his ethnic roots, his ancestry and birth family increased. Primarily because he had questions about his race.
All the other kids in the family knew that they were biracial. Yet he confessed to feeling awkward and a little duplicitous claiming the same ancestry – since he didn’t really know what his actual, genetic ethnicity was. [Side note: I cannot tell you how heartbreaking it is being a parent who can’t give your child the answers they seek – and rightfully deserve.]

Until one day, (probably by divine providence) we found a solution. With it, my child would be able to know his ethnicity thanks to AncestryDNA.

This is how to discover the family story only your DNA can tell. Ancestry.com released AncestryDNA a few years ago, enabling people to find out detailed information about their ancestry from their DNA. I found a deal for free shipping and I immediately ordered it so we could  have my son’s DNA analyzed.
Free shipping is good. But there’s even more good news. AncestryDNA testing is done in the privacy of your own home. Even a child can do it. There’s nothing invasive about it at all.
A small, easy-to-understand kit came to us in the mail just a few days after I ordered it. We were positively giddy with excitement. All my son had to do was put his saliva in the collection tube that came in the kit. I entered his specific individual ID number that came on his test on their website so we would be able to check his results as soon as they came in. Then we mailed his test back in the conveniently enclosed, prepaid envelope.
  • That was it.
  • No trip to a lab.
  • No needles.
  • Nothing painful.
  • Not even a trip to the post office.
Two days later I got an email alert that they had received his sample and were processing it to get the results. The next two weeks seemed to crawl by, until finally I got an email notification that the results of his Ancestry DNA tests were in.

We sat at the dining room table together and logged into the website to see the results.

The Results

For the sake of his privacy, I won’t share my son’s exact results, however I can say that it turned out that he (like his siblings) happens to also be biracial!
The positive impact that the AncestryDNA adoption answers and results provided for him cannot be overstated. It validated him. It answered his questions. It helped him feel confident when he is checking boxes on standardized tests that ask for his race.
While I realize that the main market for these tests probably isn’t adoptees, it can certainly be invaluable for the amount of information and genetic certainty it provides, particularly when not much else is available.
Like a lot of people, I wouldn’t mind getting my own DNA test done one day, simply to satisfy my curiosity. (Especially if I can get a deal on it.) However if you happen to know and love someone who lives with the unanswered question “where did I come from?” this test is a tremendous blessing. An amazing, life-enriching gift. AncestryDNA adoption answers questions that had previously seemed unanswerable.
Since my personal experience with AncestryDNA was so good, I contacted the manufacturer to request an exclusive discount for our readers. AncestryDNA graciously complied, and below is a limited time offer link that will save you shipping costs on a test for yourself – or for someone you care about.

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