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By Sabrina O'Malone / Tyndale House

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Exceptional Analogies

Secrets of a Mid-Life Mom ©

By Jane Jarrell

What is a "Mid-Life Mom?"

A midlife mom is a savvy woman over 35 that traveled different roads that delayed childrearing. Many of us have made difficult choices and accomplished remarkable things. We are healthier women than ever before; more educated; we are experienced, many of us with established careers. Some of us are in the trenches of motherhood while helping our parents face the challenges of aging. We're the supreme multi-taskers, all-too-familiar with words like balance, juggling, and time management. We all share the challenges of keeping one eye on little ones and the other on our retirement plans.

What are the things a mid-life mom should know?

  • Our friends keep us sane.
  • We spend time alone with God.
  • Our families are our top priority.
  • We have more wisdom.
  • We have more patience. (Except during PMS week)
  • We treasure every moment more fully.
  • We know how to nurture ourselves.
  • We don't worry about aging.
  • We think young.
  • We acknowledge the hard parts, but we don't dwell on them.

Tell us about yourself:

Mid-life motherhood is my life. I am married to a very supportive husband and we have a precious eight-year-old daughter. We are active members of Prestonwood in Plano Texas. After attending Baylor University my career began as an emcee and coordinator for Southern Living Magazine's cooking shows. Following the magazine work I was marketing and promotion manager for all Neiman Marcus's restaurants.

When Sarah was born I began a freelance career as a food stylist (One that makes food look pretty but not necessarily edible for pictures and film.) Book writing happened as a result of a friend asking me for a few recipe and picture ideas for a book proposal she was creating. Miraculously, a publisher published the book series.

Currently, I have written twelve books and have co-authored twenty. I am a charter member of the MOPS International Speakers bureau; when you write a book people assume you are a speaker. I began speaking to women's groups on connection, leadership, lifestyle balance, with an emphasis on working mothers' issues.  I have a regular column in Momsense , SHINE , Hearts at Home and Focus on the Family magazines. Occasionally I contribute to The Dallas Morning News food section as a writer and photo stylist.

My new venture is with best selling author, Karol Ladd. We have created a company focusing on encouraging working mothers, High Heels & Home Life. We plan to join with MOPS, International to begin encouragement groups for moms in the marketplace. The foundation book, The Frazzled Factor, Relief for Working Moms will be released in January 2005.

What's the best encouragement you ever received as a mid-life mom?

Don't focus on yourself, your age or your circumstances. Focus on what God can do through you.

Lastly, is there a question you always wish someone would ask, but no one ever gets around to?  Respond to that question now.

"Who does your nails?"

Sabrina, I used to never leave home without my nails perfectly polished-today, they look like garbage. (Midlife mom goes downhill in personal hygiene)

[In an inspired moment, the interviewer throws her head back in open-mouth, side-splitting, tissue-needing laughter!] Jane Jarrell also used to be a hand model and spent much of her career answering that question.

So, Jane, tell us, who does your nails?

Laughter resumes.

Jane Jarrell is a popular speaker, author, wife and mother. For more information about Jane, please visit her website





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